Why become
an Arius distributor?

We are looking forward to build national and international partnerships for the distribution of our range of interactive digital display.

With Arius, you can build a profitable business without the expensive overhead. We do it all for you, including special training of your team on our products, transmission of our actual know-how and upcoming R&D improvements. We’ve developed through the time an essential technical and commercial expertise around our product and especially around Le Glacis. Innovation is our core value, that’s why by becoming Arius distributor, you will benefit of our latest technical evolutions and product development. Our minimum demand is to provide a competitive and innovative turnkey solution. Increase your revenue and conversion thanks to a business strategy ensuring stable and sustainable economic growth. Benefits from a concept that have already proved its value and from specific trainings affiliated with each of our products.

Become a distributor

and enjoy the Arius effect


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