Digital display
beyond limits

Le Glacis is an innovative coating which turn any store window and glass surface into a high definition screen, making it possible to broadcast content without apprehension regarding screen size and shape.

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Larger than
a shop window LCD screen
more cost-effective than a LED Wall

The unique properties of this product make it easier to install and to remove it in both interior and exterior glass surface.

By Arius

L’affichage digital sans limite.
Et si vous donniez vie à vos surfaces vitrées ?.
Ce concept unique et innovant, transforme toutes vos surfaces vitrées en écran HD, grâce à sa formule dotée de nanotechnologie.

The Glacis is an innovative communication display which is unique in France and Europe.
This technological coating enables you to transform any glass areas into a HD screen.

Thanks to its nanotechnological fomula, the Arius Glacis can be adapted on any glass areas : glass, plexiglas / rigid / flexible
Easy to set up, the Glacis has to be installed thanks to a particular technic developped by our R&D department.
Once installed, the Glacis looks like a window sticker and let the light go through it.
Thanks to a projector, the Glacis shines.

 Unleash your imagination and create plenty varied communication displays : rectangle, square, circle… of any sizes.
The Glacis can last 5 years but can also be used for a special event, on an ephemeral 

Surprising for the passers-by
Customizable shapes and sizes
Doesn't leave any traces when removed
Wireless screen
High Definition display
Permanent or ephemeral

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