Simple, easy
to use and functional

It is the perfect tool for any working areas.
Arius 4k touchscreen will be your most cherished ally during meeting, teamwork and training.
Arius touchscreen exists in different size and can be geared using various tactile technologies. With both Android and Windows operating systems the Arius touchscreen offers great help through its interactive in-app and software and will arouse audience’s interest and enthusiasm on any subject.
65 pouces
165.1 cm
75 pouces
190.5 cm
86 pouces
218.5 cm
100 pouces
254 cm

The infrared interactive touchscreen

The ultra high definition ARIUS touchscreen will be the best interface for you to present your business meetings, collaborative work or team trainings.

Thanks to its multiple functions such as interactive whiteboard (Arius Board), visioconferencing, multi-screens connectivity (E-share, Dongle), Arius touchscreen is the perfect innovative touchscreen that will make your meetings interactive and educational.

- Available in 65/75/86/100 inches
- 4K resolution
- Integrated system : windows / android

Connected tools included

Multi terminal connection

Thanks to the Dongle, control and update your PC and MAC contents directly from the screen.

Smartpen, stylus and remote

Control your screen with the remote, present your meetings easily : write, move back and forward, annotate.


Your multifunction 2.0 white board.


Eshare is a multi screens app that enables you to share your screen with your audience in an easier way.


Annotate whenever you want on any displays. Don’t miss any details and save your time.

Visio Conference

Make your visio conference easier in the set up. A webcam is provided with the screen.

Other options


The interactive ARIUS touch screen is compatible with the Arius MultiDisplay software.


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