The limitless
digital display
The Glacis is an innovative communication display which is unique in France and Europe. This technological coating enables you to transform any glass areas into a HD screen.
Thanks to its nanotechnological fomula, the Arius Glacis can be adapted on any glass areas : glass, plexiglas / rigid / flexible
Easy to set up, the Glacis has to be installed thanks to a particular technic developped by our R&D department.
Once installed, the Glacis looks like a window sticker and let the light go through it.

Unleash your imagination and create plenty varied communication displays : rectangle, square, circle… of any sizes.
It is easy to remove, with clear water only and without any traces.
The Glacis by Arius is compatible with the Arius Multidisplay software.

Surprising for the passers-by
Customizable shapes and sizes
Doesn't leave any traces when removed
Wireless screen
High Definition display
Permanent or ephemeral


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